Introducing The IRONMAN Foundation-Newton Running Triathlon Team

The IRONMAN Foundation-Newton Running Triathlon Team was created to leave behind an influential legacy through philanthropy, volunteerism and grant making by supporting various athletic, community, education, health, human services and public benefit non-profit organizations in the communities where IRONMAN events are held. The Tri Team will help spread this mission and help change the paradigm of triathlon from a selfish sport into a selfless sport. In order to help change this concept of the sport, team members not only train long hours for their race season, but they act selflessly in serving others within the IRONMAN communities and within their own communities. By participating in community service projects, athletes create  a "greater good" throughout their 2013 race season.

The IRONMAN Foundation


Since its inception, The IRONMAN Foundation, a U.S. registered 501 (C)(3) has provided over $18 million in grants and donations to many deserving global, national, regional and local groups.

The IRONMAN Foundation was established in 2003 as a way for IRONMAN to leave a little piece of legacy behind in communities where we hold our IRONMAN events. The mission of the Foundation is: to leave IRONMAN’s legacy through philanthropy, voluntarism, and grant making; by supporting various athletic, community, education, health, human services, and public benefit non-profits organizations around the world.

Newton Running


Newton Running is dedicated to inspiring better running.  From its headquarters in Boulder, Colorado, Newton Running caters to runners and outdoor recreationists around the world. The company helps customers discover the benefits of natural running through its innovative running-shoe designs, hands-on service at the renowned Newton Running Lab, free run clinics and many retailer-training and coaching-certification programs offered only through the Newton School of Running.

Newton Running is a philanthropic company that is guided by the old adage, “To whom is much given, much is required.” It is a proud sponsor of numerous charities and events including Athletes for a Cure, Trickle Up and One World Running.



The word “Kokua’s” concept is shared by team member Thad Beaty. He recently shared with us what it means for him to be involved in the program and what he wants to get out of it:

"While in school, I studied the Greek Language: English has 3 tenses: past, present, and future. In addition to these, Greek has a fourth  that the teacher defined it simply as a "an action that happens once in time but has existing or lasting results or an action that happens continually or progressively."

So what it means for has just made me live in a way knowing that what you do now not only affects the present but the results go on forever. Like with our team, I see it as the team having this moment to impact people, but let's do it in a way that builds a legacy. Let's take this moment fully because we realize it is going to keep going beyond us and this moment. Let's take this moment knowing other people will be inspired and they will inspire others. Maybe it's just knowing the full responsibility that comes with this moment is beyond us and this moment."

In an effort to tie this great concept into the team and build on the IRONMAN legacy, we know of the word Kokua. Kokua is a Hawaiian word, that translates as "extending loving, sacrificial help to others for their benefit, not for personal gain..." We felt that with the legacy of IRONMAN being born out of the Hawaiian Islands, the word Kokua ties in with Thad's concept perfectly. You will begin to see our concept of leaving a lasting impact and legacy through our Kokua! ~ Aloha